Fauxton 3D is a powerful and efficient sprite stacking framework that not only makes 3D games possible in Game Maker but also INSANELY easy! There are many hurdles when attempting to do 3D rendering in Game Maker and it can be daunting trying to learn it all, but with Fauxton, I have tried to design it so that it is efficient, quick, and easy. So easy that a complete beginner to 3D can have a scene up and running in no time at all!


You made something super cool and inspiring! I've never been able to render a 3d scene so easily in gamemaker before
it's amazing, much easier to create rooms and objects as you want and add shaders
This is simply amazing man, the best asset of this kind for gms anywhere that i can find, and ive looked for a lot of 2.5d and sprite stacking solutions 

What is sprite-stacking?

From an article by Avis:

Sprite-stacking is where a voxel model is sliced into many horizontal slices, these slices are then drawn in GameMaker from the bottom to the top, with each one slightly higher. This gives the effect of a sort of 3d model in a purely 2d game

What can it do?

This framework includes plenty of functionality fully compatible with most things you might do with a standard Game Maker 2D game. Some of the things you can do in the demo include Volumetric fog, Object particle effects, Unlimited static buffers, and more! Once you initiate the engine using the function FAUXTON_START(), getting a model into a scene takes only 1 line of code fauxton_model_create() and that's it!! I tried to design this project for beginners and artists, so you can focus on your games, not learning about buffers!




  • .YYMPS of THIS demo
  • .YYMPS of all of the engine scripts
  • .EXE (windows) version of this demo
  • .YYZ file of this demo
v 2.2.2 Patch
[FIXED] Scaling issues when adding scaled models to static buffers
v 2.2.1 Patch 
[FIXED] Gamepad camera axis controls (Right-axis up/down would angle the camera and Right-axis left/right would pitch the camera
V 2.2.0 Update
[ADDED] World Environment Node 
[ADDED] Point light node 
[ADDED] Spot light node 
[ADDED] fauxton_buffer_set_uniform_script(buffer_name_or_id, uniform_control_script) 
[MODIFIED] draw_sprite_3d OPTIONAL parameter 'enable_lighting' 
[MODIFIED] draw_sprite_3d_ext OPTIONAL parameter 'enable_lighting' 
[FIXED] fauxton_buffer_set (Would return an error)

I work very hard to provide this quality 2.5D framework for GMS2 developers to use completely for free with no strings attached, and trust me it is ALOT of work! However, if you think this tool is worth it, I would love for you to consider donating and rating it, as this helps me continue working and improving the tool!

You are amazing, and I hope that you have a great day!

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