Version 1.0.3 Update

I have updated 'Animator 3SeqsD'! You can view the changelog below to look through the bug fixes and new functionalities added!

V. 1.0.3 - Changelog & Bug fixes
- [FIXED] - The "Bounce" glitch. Now regardless of GM having sequence importing issues it will work fine. I have it set to a wait timer so when animations change it waits 1 frame and then updates the animation.
- [FIXED] - When creating animations at first they would "Grow" to the correct positions. This was also fixed with a wait frame. Now animations appear at the correct coordinates 1 frame after they are created.
- [ADDED] - *armature_set_xscales*, *armature_set_yscales*, *armature_set_alphas*. These became more apparently necessary to me once I tried creating different kinds of animations

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