A downloadable 3d camera library

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With this library, you can have a complete camera setup in just a matter of minutes!

  - HOW TO USE - 
 To create the camera all you need to do is call:
 By default camera3d will create a 3rd person camera with these settings:
 | FOV 80
 | Speed 1
 | Distance 150
 | Sensitivity    0.1
 you can change these with some of the functions listed below
 "camera_3d_create()" includes optional parameters that can be used
 for more specific camera needs including:
 - Target | This is the object ID you want the camera to follow
 - Speed | This is the speed that the camera will follow the target
 - FOV | This is the field of view. How much can the camera see?
 - First Person | This can set the camera to be in the first-person perspective. 
 Next, all you need to do is update the camera in the step event using:
 "camera_3d_update()" includes optional parameters that can be used to offset 
 the camera height including:
 - z_offset | This will offset the cameras z position 
 This optional parameter is best used to define the z position the camera should either look to or from. An example would be (for third person) the top of the players head or
 (for first-person) the eyes of the player. In most cases, you would want the positional z of the player to be at a lower point than the position of their head.
The .zip folder below contains:
    - Camera3D.yymps
    - lib_Camera3D.txt


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